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SOLLYS : Find the best

Sollys is a technology startup with young entrepreneurs and accomplished minds working in synergy. We prioritize technological enhancement with assistive training in this dexterous era of Digitalization.

We escort businesses through the present to the future of technology and recruiting the best available talents. With our inimitable hold on data in digital forms, we reflect an incomparable competitive edge that will foster rapid scalability and project the consumer success.


Bring up the‘conventional wisdom’ of your business with new and creative technology to get dynamic results.


Make a move towards attaining the best performance or quality and live up to the expectations of your prospects.


Ensure concurrence with regulations and technology developments, and unite the workforce to work for the common welfare.

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The Education Sector is a Service Industry that addresses the demands of directional support and guidance in multiple subject matters.



Semiconductor Industry works with crystalline solids, substances in-between insulators and conductors, which are used in electronic equipment.


Health & Life Sciences

The Health & Life Sciences is an ever-growing industry that needs special technological assistance to diversify its treatment approaches.


Media & Enterainment

With radical progression, the Media & Entertainment sector has expanded its domains wider than ever; they have covered various text and digital forms.


Banking & Financial Services

Encompassing insurance, investment, and banking fund acquisition processes, thefinancial services have gained an irreplaceable position in economic management.


Industrial & Manufacturing

This sector focuses on manufacturing consumer goods and products by using high-tech machinery with transformation and innovation.


Energy & Natural Resource

Energy & Natural Resource sector is a powerful and versatile industry that deals with the production of energy. It functions with natural resources and resource maintenance.


Retail & Consumer Products

The Consumer Product manufacturing sector envelops a wide array of goods and a lengthy process of production to retail.


Transportation and Logistics

The Logistics and Transportation sector are interrelated but have minor differences in inventory, goods transit, and storage.



Specialized AI, Cloud, Blockchain, and Analytics

Employing for IT, Non-IT, ITES, and Semiconductor

Competent and Collaborative Training


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